Out of the box, the Sector Blog configuration allows public (unauthenticated) users to submit comments. Submitted comments are queued for moderation and the 'blog editor' users can approve comments. Only approved comments are shown to the public.  

This is a sample content node of the content type Blog post. Comments are open and two sample comments shown below are approved. 

Sector Blog comments include CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA options for the comment submission form. Out of the box, CAPTCHA is preconfigured to set a maths challenge for users trying to comment on a blog post. For live (production) sites with public comments enabled, we highly recommend you get a site-specific reCAPTCHA key and enable the included reCAPTCHA option.

As with all Sector components, the Display Suite displays and flexible configuration options allow sitebuilders to customise the comment settings to match specific needs. The Sector Blog documentation on introduces the main features and functionality, and provides links and help for your sitebuilders to customise your blog and make it your own!


John Smith
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Sample comment starting a conversation.
Jane Muller
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Sample comment as answer to comment 1.

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