Unit or department:
Sample term - Customer Service Unit

The Contact content type is designed to be used for either a person or a generic contact - so, if you want to add a staff directory, a contact list based on teams, or a list of locations, Sector Contact can help you out. 

This sample content is a node of the content type Contact. It uses the 'contact' contact type. 

The body field can be used to add information about the contact. For a person, you could add a short bio or list their areas of expertise. For a generic team or location profile, you could add opening hours or location data. The Contact content type can also be easily extended using a location map, following the same set-up as Sector Events

The Sector Contact documentation on sector.nz introduces the main features and functionality, and provides links and help for your sitebuilders to customise your contact profiles and make them your own! 

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